Private Cave Tubing at St Herman’s

Come and explore this fascinating cave system located at the foothills of the Maya Mountains!

The expedition starts from the Hummingbird Highway at St Herman’s Blue Hole National park with a 10-15 minute moderate nature hike to get to the entrance of the cave. Before the tour, participants are briefed with regard to safety, and then they are equipped with life vests and headlamps. As participants make their way down the towering cave entrance, the guide proceeds to do an introduction on the topography and geology of the cave. Headlamps on, participants walk through the upper section of the cave before jumping into the tubes and floating downstream for about 1.5 hours. This is a unique experience where you can connect to nature and experience a sense of repose like no other inside these historical caves.
The tour ends with a nature hike back to the visitor center. After this tour, guests have the opportunity to take a swim in the jungle pool (cenote) locate only half a mile down the road.  Your entrance fee covers the fee to the cenote!

Intensity: Moderate

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Height Restriction: 40 inches +


Price: starting at- $60 USD p/p Minimum of 4 Pax

From: Hopkins/San Ignacio/Belize City

$135 USD p/p (4-6 pax)
$110 USD p/p (7-9 pax)
$100 USD p/p (10-15 pax)

From: Placencia

$145 USD p/p (4-6 pax)
$115 USD p/p (7-9 pax)
$105 USD p/p (10-15 pax)

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What to Bring/Wear:

  • Snacks

  • Water Shoes/Tennis (any shoe that protects your toes)

  • Bathing suits/shorts

  • Eco-friendly insect repellent

  • Eco-friendly water bottle(s)

  • Cameras! (must be waterproof with hand straps or a floatable attachment)


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