Jungle Survival & Cave Expedition

This expedition includes everything on jungle survival, leadership skills, geology and history of the cave systems explored, flora and fauna! All around and within the Manatee Forest Reserve with some of the Best jungle guides in Belize! 

On the first day we meet at the starting point given to you upon booking. We complete a short safety introduction before starting a 5km trek to the Jaguar Temple base camp which takes about 2 hours. Once at the campsite, we have lunch and have our hammocks and basher organized. After this, guests are given an introduction to the Belizean Jungle and Rainforest so guests know what to expect and what to prepare for. Around 2pm there is an introduction on the following:

  • Proper use, safety, and maintenance of machetes
  • Proper hygiene and prevention of common rash, sores, and tropical diseases
  • Scorpions, spiders, botfly larvae and other harmful insect
  • Reptiles including both non-venomous and venomous snakes like the fer-de-lance. How to look out for them and what to do!
  • Introduction to cave geological systems including spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Introduction to ancient Maya Culture and their occupation and activities in the area.
  • Introduction to our reforesting and conservation initiatives as part of Belize Conservation Group and Coastal Manatee Conservation Group (BCG & CMCG).

Around 4pm, we carry out the tree planting as part of the Manatee Forest Reserve Project through Coastal Manatee Conservation Group and Belize Conservation Group (CMCG & BCG). We end day 1 with dinner and reflection about the day’s activities. We start day 2 at 7:45 am with breakfast in the meeting palapa. After a short briefing on what the day will look like and what to carry, we all pack snacks and water in a day backpack. After breakfast, we engage in a jungle trek to do cave exploration and visit some pristine limestone tunnels under the jungle cerros (hills)!! This includes about a 1.5 hours hike to and from camp. At around 2pm, we arrive back to the camping grounds and do a jungle survival skills lecture and practice. Participants will have an opportunity to build their own shelter and hunt their own food. The expedition ends around noon on Day 3 with a hike back to the pickup point.


Price: starting at $400 USD p/p minimum of 4 Pax

*This expedition can be customized from 3 to 4 days

Intensity: Moderate

Age Restriction: 12+ yrs

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Specifics of services and equipment provided

  • ATV will be on standby for medical and emergency support.

  • All meals (breakfast, snack lunch, dinner) are included in the package.

  • First Aid kits are always on the treks.

  • Petzel helmets and emergency headlights provided by our Tour Company.

What you MUST bring along for this trip

  • Backpack

  • 1 Pair of socks per day

  • Change of clothes (preferably quick dry material)

  • Recommended clothing- long sleeve shirts/trousers

  • Eco-friendly water bottles or camelbacks

  • Eco-friendly insect Repellent

  • Sunscreen (we are mostly under the jungle canopy, so unless a person is very allergic to sun exposure then he/she can bring along)

  • Hiking boots/shoes

  • Small day pack

  • Personal medication

  • Sleeping bag

  • hammock

  • Personal toiletries

  • Personal eating and drinking utensils

  • Headlamps for personal use during the night


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