Going Coastal Adventures (“GCA”) is owned and managed by individuals that have over 15 years of experience offering unique, high-end adventures to clients from all over the world through sustainable tourism. Our lead guides were born into the tourism industry and all our guides are trained to excel. They are certified in swift water rescue, emergency jungle medical rescue, high-angle rescue and survival techniques; guaranteeing guest satisfaction and safety. Going Coastal Adventures prides in knowing that we are equipped with the knowledge and the resources needed to safely showcase our natural heritage and pristine-lush jungles. Over the past 8 years, we have had incredible success working with student/youth groups from the UK through World Challenge and other international organizations providing  Jungle Survival and Caving Expeditions in Belize.

Our Conservation Efforts & Commitment to the Community

Our guides and staff are members of Coastal Manatee Conservation Group (“CMCG”)- a Belizean registered counterpart for Belize Conservation Group, a US-based charitable foundation that was founded to support conservation through education, sustainable tourism, and economic development. Our conservation development initiatives are vital for protecting critical watersheds and pristine rainforest. Our focus has been to rehabilitate these habitats through the planting of naturally occurring keystone tree species and supporting the local communities through sustainable employment in eco-tourism.

Since its establishment in 2021, Coastal Manatee Conservation Group and Belize Conservation Group have been working jointly with Going Coastal Adventures to accomplish the following Conservation Development Initiatives:

• Planted over 5,000 keystone tree species along the Manatee River watershed and in Coastal Manatee Conservation Group’s private conservation land.

• Donated 150 Mahogany trees to the University of Belize Environmental Club.

• Donated a variety of fruit and mahogany trees to the Belmopan City Council as part of a Tree-Planting Program carried out in 10 different primary schools.

• Sponsored 3 youths from St Margaret Village to receive their Tour Guide license.

• Created 8 Tourism and Conservation related jobs for residents of St Margaret’s Village and Armenia Village.

• Donated fertilizer and a wide variety of Fruit trees to St Margaret Mary R.C Primary School to support the School’s Feeding Program.

• Hosted an Earth’s Day ceremony for Standard V and Standard VI students at St Margaret Mary R.C Primary School as part of our conservation education initiative.

• Established a formal relationship with Belize Wildcats Conservation to set up trail cameras in Coastal Manatee Conservation Group’s private conservation land to document wildlife and study Margay & Jaguarundi behavior near disturbed habitat. This study is being done through the Belize Small Wildcat Field Research.

Present Projects

Project 1- We have identified the need to build a Greenhouse in St Margaret Mary R. C Primary School located in Santa Marta Village. The Greenhouse project for St Margaret Mary R. C Primary School aims to:

  • Sustain the current School’s Feeding Program
  • Increase the number of children that partake in the program
  • Provide daily meals and improve the quality of life for 150 needed children. 
  • Facilitate extracurricular activities for over 350 students while generating an income for the school’s needs.

Our Conservation Initiatives of job creation, preservation of the Manatee River watershed and the St Margaret Mary R.C School Feeding Program is a 24/7 undertaking! We Need YOUR help to continue our work. 




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